Alanas Dzeranovas

Coach of healthy lifestyle  

“I like working with Audimas because I have always wanted quality sports and leisure to be at hand, and I'm proud to be a part of Lithuanian quality!”

Aistė Burnytė

Incorporator of Downtown Yoga Vilnius, yoga, meditation and pilatess teacher

“I am in love with Audimas for a long time and I am very proud to be their ambassador.  I am looking for balance and harmony in my life, and I feel that Audimas supplements this need.  It is one of several brands that meets my values.  For me, Audimas is balance, lightness and warmth.”

Rita Pivoriūnaitė

Multiple European Karate champion

“To move in comfortable and stylish manner and feel practical and elegant in sports? It is easy every day with Audimas.  I am very happy to be the ambassador of Audimas and share the message that has accompanied me every day as a professional athlete and outside the gym -  balance is needed everywhere, so combining movement, sporting leisure, elegance and harmony must be important to every one of us.”


Lilė Lukminaitė

Incorporator and lover of Rojaus daržas and yoga instructor

One of the most important things in my life is freedom and creativity.  When you have freedom - you can create, when you create from your heart - you are free.  This is how I feel in Audimas - as a free creator.  You always want to share with people things that are real, simple, convenient, good, sincere and unforceable.  I have found all of this by being the representative of Audimas - from super staff to clothing and idea


Aistė Svarauskaitė


“There is nothing more fun than to represent the brand that is created in Lithuania, has deep traditions and even dresses our athletes during the most important competitions in life! I am happy that Audimas becomes more and more modern every year, places new cuts, fabrics, technologies on the market and creates a lot of beautiful clothes that are pleasant to wear not only for leisure, but also for office or even celebrations. The most fascinating features of this brand are being modern and universal.

Gema Liutkevičiūtė

Content creator, blogger

“I am happy to be the ambassador of Audimas because it is very nice to be representative of the brand which is of good quality, innovative, stylish and all of this is created in Lithuania!”