We invite to begin your own business and become a franchise owner, and to adopt a business model created by the company, which is successfully operating on the market. When you become an owner of Audimas trademark franchise, you will take on our gathered knowledge, know-how and a business model we developed, which will allow to diminish initial investments and achieve success in business. Your franchise store will be equipped according to the innovative retail trade concept, where the buyers will find the range of products suitable 365 days a year and will be provided with professional service conforming to the customer service standard. We intend to ensure a multisided cooperation and a long-term partnership with a franchise owner.

Contact us at e-mail address and we will help you become an owner of the franchise of the Lithuanian trademark Audimas.


Since we have a reliable network of partners in Lithuania and abroad, and design clothing collections corresponding to the fashion tendencies, we are able to create new business opportunities. Garments from our active leisure and sports collections suitable 365 days a year are successfully worn by people in Russia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and other countries. We regularly provide information to our foreign partners about our latest collections and inform about functionality and properties of clothes. We value long-term cooperation, and therefore intend to maintain relationships with our partners on the basis of mutual benefit. Contact us at e-mail address and we will send you a mutually beneficial offer.


Since 1999, Audimas dresses the best Lithuanian athletes representing the country during the Olympic Games, Olympic festivals and different sports games and events. Professional competition and presentation clothing is also worn by the representatives of athletics, rowing, boxing, weightlifting, basketball, ice-skating and other branches of sports in the foreign countries. Audimas sports clothing complies with the most stringent requirements applicable to professional clothing. We accept custom orders from companies, institutions and organisations to create and manufacture advertising sports and leisure clothing for your employees and business partners. We use the highest quality, new generation fabrics for our sports and custom-made clothing models. Outstanding construction solutions of the products allows freedom of movement, to feel free and comfortable. We will make the clothing according to your wishes: your design (logos are sewn on or printed graphically, the newest textile printing technologies will be used), desired sizes and colours meeting your needs. Orders can be placed by e-mailing to:


One of the areas of operations of Audimas AB is custom orders for foreign trademarks. Many years of experience in manufacturing sports and active leisure clothing allows to realise individual orders in a prompt and high quality manner. We design and manufacture sports clothes for different branches of sports such as fitness, cycling, jogging or team sports. We also manufacture functional undergarments and clothing for outdoor sports. We contribute to the development of the clients’ collections: from the sketches to final design, sewing and fast delivery. Orders can be placed by e-mailing to: