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Gift certificates

You can purchase gift certificates with different cash values at AUDIMAS stores. Gift certificates are available with the following cash values: EUR 10, EUR 20, EUR 50 and EUR 100. A cash voucher will be attached to the purchased gift certificate. The gift certificates can be used at any AUDIMAS store (in Lithuania and Latvia).

 If you possess a gift certificate, you can purchase goods for the amount indicated on your certificate. If the value of the purchased goods exceeds the nominal value of the certificate, you must pay the difference between the nominal value and the amount payable. If you wish to purchase the goods for the amount lower than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference will not be returned in cash.

The issued certificates with the cash value of EUR 20 and higher will not be broken down to lower value certificates. Gifts certificates are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.


Lyoness Gift Certificate. In AUDIMAS stores you can also pay with the Lyoness certificates. Lyoness certificates are available with the following cash values: EUR 5 and EUR 20. These certificates can be purchased at the Lyoness internet shop, Lyoness office or places of sale of these certificates.

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