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Social policy

One of the main objectives of Audimas operations is application of principles of socially responsible employment in its operations, relations with employees, clients, partners and the society. We understand the meaning of this aim and are involved in various social projects, encourage social responsibility of the employees and support different organisations.

 Top management of the company has approved the social responsibility policy, which set forth the following main principles:

  • To ensure compliance with ethical, legal and professional standards;
  • To cooperate with the partners supporting implementation of the socially responsible business policy, and to comply with the principles of socially responsible business in the operations;
  • To support and participate in social initiatives, which stimulate positive changes in the society, to promote and actively participate in the projects encouraging physical activity of the public and healthy lifestyle;
  • To observe the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as legal acts regulating labour law, occupational safety and health in the company operations;
  • To improve employee qualification and competence, and to nurture social responsibility;
  • To implement measures preventing employee injuries and contraction of diseases, seeking a preventive risk management, as opposed to related aftermath;
  • To encourage good mutual relations and effective interaction among employees at all levels, to support and promote employee proposal initiative;
  • To advertise, implement and continuously improve the social responsibility policy of the employees.
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