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“The 10th trip of my life, and the biggest endeavour, is to honour the 90th anniversary of the transatlantic flight of S. Darius and S. Girėnas. This is a really important occasion for Lithuania, therefore, it was critical for me to wear something that represented our country throughout this journey - Lithuanian products manufactured by the national company with the unbreakable passion and unwavering spirit. I appreciate that AUDIMAS took care of my comfort and prepared me for all weather conditions by providing functional and highly durable National Collection apparel for the trip. Furthermore, I am pleased that we share the same values as our general partner for the trip, and that we are committed to preserving and passing on Lithuanian historical and cultural legacy to future generations.“




Healthy lifestyle coach, co-founder of the ‘Už 7 Marių’ community

“I love working with the AUDIMAS brand because I've always wanted to make quality sports and leisure accessible, and I am proud to be a part of Lithuanian quality.”




Healthy lifestyle coach, co-founder of the ‘Už 7 Marių’ community

“It is a great honour and recognition for me to be among the AUDIMAS Ambassadors. Lithuanianness, quality, simplicity. It's a complete joy to wear clothes that don't restrict my freedom of movement, but only enhance it and make my days more pleasant.”




Discgolf player

“It is an extraordinary feeling to be dressed in Lithuanian branded clothing when representing Lithuania. Moreover, there is nothing better when the brand allows not only to enjoy the sport regardless of the season, but also to feel stylish and comfortable - whether in the studio, at a party, on holiday or at an important meeting. So I am happy to be an ambassador of AUDIMAS and to be able to share these thoughts with people who love quality, active leisure and Lithuanian creativity.”