Ar AUDIMAS el. parduotuvėje ir fizinėje prekybos vietoje ribojamas maksimalus galimų įsigyti prekių kiekis?

Taip, maksimalus galimų įsigyti AUDIMAS prekių kiekis ribojamas AUDIMAS el. parduotuvėje ir fizinėje prekybos vietoje.

Vartotojas AUDIMAS el. parduotuvėje ir fizinėje prekybos vietoje gali įsigyti AUDIMAS prekių, jei:

    1. vartotojo visų vienu metu įsigyjamų AUDIMAS prekių bendra (vieno užsakymo ar pirkimo krepšelio) kaina (įskaitant PVM ir AUDIMAS konkrečiai prekei jos įsigijimo metu taikomą nuolaidą, jei taikoma) neviršija 2000,00 EUR;


    1. tarp visų vartotojo vienu metu įsigyjamų AUDIMAS prekių (viename užsakyme ar pirkimo krepšelyje) yra ne daugiau nei trys vienetai (kiekvienas prekės vienetas skirtingo dydžio) tos pačios spalvos to paties pavadinimo ir modelio AUDIMAS prekių.

Bet kurios iš nurodytų dviejų sąlygų neatitinkantis užsakymas AUDIMAS el. parduotuvėje ir fizinėje prekybos vietoje nevykdomas. Užsakymas, neatitinkantis bet kurios vienos iš nurodytų dviejų sąlygų, turi būti pateikiamas UAB „Audimas Brand“ didmeninės prekybos skyriui [email protected]


When the order is placed, you will immediately receive the order confirmation with all details of the order.

We recommend to check, if correct address and telephone number is provided.  Most often couriers deliver the goods on business days during business hours, therefore, you should provide the address for delivery where the goods could be delivered on business days.

  • If you have placed an order in error we ask you to contact our customer service team ([email protected] or +370 620 78167).
  • We will do our best to assist you any way we can.
  • Please note! It’s important that you contact us as soon as possible. We always strive for quick deliveries, but this does mean that we may not have much time to cancel your order.
  • We cannot make any changes (address, size, color) once your order has been placed.
  • Items in our online shop have stock and are ready to send. Any sizes that are out of stock are marked as unavailable.
  • On rare occassions at peak selling periods (sales and Christmas) we may have some out of stock issues from customers ordering items at the same time.
  • When we are unable to ship an already ordered item, we will not charge your card or PayPal account with the price of the article.
  • We work hard to keep our stock levels as accurate as possible. Occasionally errors occur, although they are rare.
  • Our online collection is regularly replenished so it's worth checking back with us regularly.

You can pay for the purchased goods in the following ways: bank transfer on SEB, Swedbank, DNB, Luminor, Nordea, PayPal system or payment upon delivery of the goods, if you choose delivery by a courier (in cash or by payment card), if you choose delivery by LP Express (by payment card).


If the size of the goods received from www.e-audimas.lt is not correct or their quality is insufficient, you can return them to us within 14 days from the day of delivery thereof.  You can return the goods in any official store Audimas or send them by registered mail to:  AB Audimas, E-trade, Raudondvario pl. 80, LT-47182 Kaunas.

The goods may be returned, if they have not been used, damaged, are in good product appearance, packed in original packaging, have all labels and purchase documents.

Ar galiu grąžinti prekes iš užsienio?

Taip, galite.Prekių grąžinimas iš užsienio yra pirkėjų atsakomybė. Klientas apmoka už siuntimo išlaidas pats. Grąžinti galima išsiuntus pakuotę registruotu paštu su siuntos sekimo numeriu. Norėdami grąžinti prekes, užpildykite grąžinimo paraiškos formą, pateiktą kartu su prekėmis. Grąžinamas prekes ir prašymo formą prašome siųsti adresu: Raudondvario pl. 80, LT-47182, Kaunas, Lietuva. 

Dėl, grąžinimo paraiškos formos susisiekite su klientų aptarnavimu el.paštu [email protected]


If the product is defective or there is a mistake in the order (incorrect size, colour) as well as if the product that has not been ordered by you has been delivered, you can return the product to us according to the above methods of delivery.  If defective products or products that do not correspond to the description is returned, you must specify the reason in the return application.  In such case, we guarantee that the expenses for the product return will be refunded.

What if I received a defective product and did not use it?

If you received a defective product and did not use it, you can exchange it at any physical AUDIMAS store. If the item did not fit, you can return it by filling out the electronic return form, but please include a sheet with the shipment stating that it is a defective item. This will make it easier for us to understand that you have returned the item due to a defect and we can remove it from sale.

What should I do if I have purchased a defective product?

If you purchased a low-quality product from AUDIMAS due to physical and observations of when the defect appeared, you can apply for product claims to any physical AUDIMAS store. If you purchased the product in an online store, please email us. by e-mail to [email protected]. You MUST include your order number, send photos of the product defect, and describe in detail what happened to the product.

  • Pack the goods in orderly and securely so that they would not fall our or be damaged during transportation.
  • Fill-in the application form for return of the goods which is enclosed in your parcel. Indicate the reason for return and bank account number in the form of return. 
  • Specify the following return address on the parcel: AB Audimas, E-trade, Raudondvario pl. 80, LT-47182 Kaunas.
  • The parcel should be sent by a registered mail. Shipping expenses are covered by the buyer. 

Upon receipt of the returned good, the money will be refunded within 14 days to the bank account specified in the form of return/change of the goods on behalf of AB Audimas.


If you pay for the goods but you want it to be delivered to another person, click “Deliver to another address” by selecting the method of delivery and enter details of the person to whom the good should be delivered.


In Lithuania, goods are delivered in 3-7 business days, delivery time to EU countries - 3-14 working days. Delivery time to non-EU countries - 7-20 working days. We do not deliver goods to the post office boxes (P.O. Box) in the post office departments.

How much will delivery cost?

The price of delivery of goods varies depending on the chosen delivery method. For more information, see "client information".


If you have any questions related to the order of the goods or other questions and you do not find an answer in F.A.Q., you can e-mail us to [email protected]. Responses to the inquiries submitted on weekends or holidays will be provided within 1 business day.

How long is the AUDIMAS gift voucher valid for?

AUDIMAS gift voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. If you purchased a gift voucher in a physical AUDIMAS store, you can extend its validity period in any physical AUDIMAS store. If you purchased a gift certificate in an online store, please contact e-mail regarding the validity period of the gift certificate. by e-mail to [email protected]. The gift voucher code MUST be included in the letter.

How to choose the right size clothes?

Each garment in the AUDIMAS range is accompanied by a size chart with dimensions. You can also find out whether the size of one or another garment is suitable for you by checking the information in the general link of the size table: https://www.audimas.com/client-information/fit-guide/

Merino wool: what is it?

Merino wool is wool of a particularly high quality. Merino is even 7 times thinner than the wool of other sheep, so it is suitable even for sewing underwear.

How to wash merino wool?

If you decide to wash or otherwise clean a garment with merino wool, always follow the instructions on the label, because otherwise you risk irretrievably damage to the product. Wash clothes with merino wool at a low washing temperature (no higher than 40 °C) and using a washing machine cycle designed for wool. Do not use any bleaches when washing as they may damage the material.

What makes merino wool exceptional?

Merino wool is exceptional in that it is warm, light, pleasant to wear and does not irritate the skin. Merino wool allows the body to breathe, perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture and maintains a constant body temperature. The natural elasticity of the merino wool fibre provides freedom of movement and comfort. The ventilation structure of merino prevents the formation of unpleasant odours. Merino wool is hygienic, prevents the growth of bacteria, and also has antibacterial and self-cleaning properties. Merino wool shirts are lighter and thinner than those made of traditional sheep wool. Merino wool clothing is easy to care for and does not need to be hand washed.