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The description of each swimsuit we sell is accompanied by a SIZE CHART, which shows the exact measurements of the garment in centimetres. The buyer only needs to try it on and make sure that the selected swimsuit size fits her.

In all cases, it is recommended to care for a swimsuit according to the manufacturer’s information on the product care label. However, there are some care rules that are useful to know in order to preserve the attractive appearance of the swimsuit for a long time.
Rinse your swimsuit with lukewarm water as soon as possible after each swim. It is recommended to wash swimwear by hand or in a washing machine at a low washing temperature on a gentle cycle. When washing swimwear, no bleaches can be used because they may irreversibly impair the products. When your swimsuit is wet, never leave it wrapped in a towel. Pat dry the swimsuit with a dry towel and hang it out of direct sunlight – this way, it will dry faster. It is also worth knowing that tumble drying is not suitable for many swimsuits.

Swimwear is usually made of polyamide and elastane.