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AB Audimas (hereinafter referred to as the Data Controller) establishes, in this privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the Privacy Policy), the terms and conditions of personal data processing when using the website managed by the Data Controller.  The terms and conditions established in the Privacy Policy will be applied every time you want to get access to the contents and/or services provided by us irrespective of the device (computer, tablet, TV set, etc.) that you use.

Details of the Data Controller: AB Audimas

Registered address:  Raudondvario pl. 80, LT-47182, Kaunas 

Tel. +370 37 302500 


VAT payer’s number: LT335470219


It is important that you read the Privacy Policy carefully because every time you visit the website owned by the Data Controller you agree with the terms and conditions prescribed by this Privacy Policy.  If you disagree with these terms and conditions, please do not visit our website, do not use our contents and/or services.


Hereby we confirm that the data of the visitors of the Data Controller's website will be collected in compliance with the requirements of the legal acts applicable in the European Union and Republic of Lithuania as well as instructions provided by the controlling authorities.  All and any reasonable technical and administrative measures are applicable in order to protect collected data of website visitors from their loss, unlawful use or change.


Persons who are under 16 years of age cannot provide any personal data in our website.  If you are under 16 years of age, you must obtain a consent from you parents or legal guardians before provision of any personal data.


Definitions used in the Rules shall have the meaning defined in the General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679.




Information that is directly provided by you

  • date of birth;
  • place of residence;
  • sex;
  • name;
  • surname;
  • telephone number;
  • e-mail address


Information on how you use our websites

If you visit our websites, we also collect information that reveals the peculiarities of using our services, or we automatically generate the statistics of visits. For more information, see “Cookies”.


Information from the sources of the third-party sources

We can receive information on you from public and commercial sources (to the extent permitted by applicable legal acts) and relate it with other information that we receive from you or about you.  We can also receive information about you from third-party social networking services when you sign in to them, for example through your Facebook account.


Other information we collect

Following your consent, we may also collect other information about you, your device or your use of the content of our website.


You may choose not to provide us with certain information (e.g., information requested for registration in our website), but in this case it may not be possible to use our online purchase service.


How do we use your information?

We can use the collected information for the following purposes:

  • For your registration in order you could use our online purchase service.
  • For payment of the purchase basket via the selected external supplier of banking services.
  • For direct marketing*, to send newsletters, to provide personalised advertisements and to send notification on campaigns, to assess and analyse market, clients, products and services (including collection of your opinion on products and services and organisation of client surveys).
  • For finding out how people use our online services in order to improve them and to create new content, products and services.
  • In other ways upon your consent*


*We inform you that you have the right to object to or at any time cancel your consent to process your data for the above-mentioned purposes marked with asterisk.




We undertake not to transfer your personal data to any unrelated third parties, except for the following cases:

  • There is a consent for disclosure of personal data.
  • In provision of services - to our partners who provide product delivery or other ordered services.  These service providers will be provided with such amount of your personal information which is necessary for provision of specific service.
  • To the legal authorities in the procedure prescribed by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.




Personal data are protected from their loss, unlawful use or change. We have implemented physical and technical measures to protect all information that we collect for provision of our services.  We remind you that although we are taking appropriate actions to protect your information, no website, online transaction, computer system or wireless connection is completely safe.


Your data will be stored for 3 years following the last day when you use our services.  Upon expiry of this term, the data will be deleted in the way that it could not be reproduced.




The Data Subject whose data are processed in the activity of the Data Controller shall have the following rights:

  • To know (be informed) about the processing of their personal data (the right to know);
  • To access their personal data and know how they are processed (the right to access);
  • To request rectification or, taking account of the purposes of personal data processing, supplement incomplete personal data (the right to rectify);
  • To destroy your data or to suspend data processing actions (except for storing) (the right to destroy and the right “to be forgotten”);
  • To request restriction of personal data processing by the Data Controller in case of one of the legal reasons (the right to restrict);
  • Right to data portability (the right to transfer);
  • To object processing of personal data when such data are processed or intended to be processes for direct marketing purposes, including profiling insofar it is related to direct marketing.


If you do not want your personal data to be processed for the direct marketing purposes, including profiling, please e-mail us to or call us by +37062078167 and you object processing of your personal data for direct marketing purposes and/or application of automated processing of your personal data, including profiling**, without providing reasons for your objection.


**In order to offer you individual personalized solutions and offers, profiling of your personal data may be performed for direct marketing purposes according to the personal data provided by you. You can withdraw your consent for automated processing of your personal data, including profiling, or object it at any time.


The Data Subject is entitled to make any application or instruction related to processing of personal data to the Data Controller in writing in one of the following ways: direct delivery to the address Raudondvario pl.  80, Kaunas; by mail: Raudondvario pl. 80, LT-47182, Kaunas; by e-mail:


Upon receipt of such application or instruction, the Data Controller, shall provide, not later than within one month from the day of the application, a response and perform actions specified in the application or refuse their performance.  The specified period may be extended by two further months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests. In such case, the Data Controller informs the subject on such extension within one month from the day of receipt of the application by providing the reasons for delay.




The website of the Data Controller may contain advertising panels of third parties, links to their websites, and services that are not controlled by the Data Controller. The data CONTROLLER is not responsible for the safety and privacy of information collected by third parties. You must read the privacy provisions applicable to third-party websites and services that you use.




When you visit the websites of the Data Controller, we want to provide the content and functions that are tailored to your needs.  This requires cookies. They are small items of information that automatically created while browsing the website and are saved in your computer or any other terminal device. They help the Data Controller recognize you as the previous visitor of a certain website, save the history of your visit to the website and adapt the content accordingly. Cookies also help ensure the smooth functioning of websites, allows monitoring the duration and frequency of visits to our websites, as well as collecting statistical information about the number of website visitors.


Descriptions of cookies used on our website




Moment of creation

Validity period

Used data























How to manage and delete cookies


When you use the browser to see our contents, you can configure your browser to accept all cookies, reject all cookies or notify when a cookie is downloaded.  Each browser is different, therefore, if you don’t know how to change provisions of cookies, see its manual.  Operational system of your device may have additional cookie controls. If you don’t want information to be collected using cookies, you can use a simple procedure found on many browsers that would enable you to reject cookies.  If you want to know more about cookies control, visit:


However, please note that in some cases deletion of cookies may slow down the speed of browsing the web, restrict the functionality of certain websites or block access to the website.


Our website may contain links to the websites of other persons, companies or organizations.  Please note that the Data Controller is not responsible for the contents of such websites or the principals on privacy used by them.  Therefore, if you click the link and enter other websites from the Data Controller’s website, you should look at their Privacy Policy.




If you have any questions with regard to the information provided in this Privacy Policy, please contact us in any convenient way:


By mail: AB Audimas, Raudondvario pl. 80, LT-47182, Kaunas

By telephone:  +37062078167

By e-mail: