Printed sports bra 1 | Audimas Printed sports bra 2 | Audimas -70 % Printed sports bra 14,97 € 49,90 €
Printed sports bra 1 | Audimas Printed sports bra 2 | Audimas -50 % Printed sports bra 24,95 € 49,90 €
Seamless sports bra 1 | Audimas Seamless sports bra 2 | Audimas -70 % Seamless sports bra 14,97 € 49,90 €

Choose sports bras with different supports depending on the physical activity you are practising. Light-support, non-restrictive sports bras are best suited for low-intensity activities, such as pilates, yoga, and others. Medium-support sports bras are recommended for moderate intensity training such as jogging. Strong-support sports bras should be chosen for extremely intense activities such as endurance or interval training.

Sports bras should be cared for according to the information on the product label. It is recommended to wash the sports bra after every workout. It is recommended to wash sports bras by hand or in a washing machine at a low washing temperature on a gentle cycle. No bleaches should be used during the washing cycle as they can irreversibly change the appearance of the sports bra. It is worth knowing that dry cleaning is not suitable for many sports bras. Sports bras should be dried by placing them on a flat surface, such as a drying board, on a towel.

A SIZE CHART is included with the description of each sports bra we sell, which shows the exact measurements of the garment in centimeters. Buyers just have to try on and make sure that the chosen sports bra size is suitable for her.