Sweaters for women


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In the cold season, it is best to choose sweaters made of merino wool because merino warms comfortably, is soft, pleasant to wear and does not irritate the skin. Merino wool allows the body to breathe, absorbs and evaporates moisture and maintains a constant body temperature in all weather conditions.

Sweaters should be washed depending on the materials from which they are made. For example, merino wool sweaters can be washed at a low washing temperature (no higher than 40 °C) and using a washing machine cycle designed for wool. It is not recommended to use any bleaches when washing as they may damage the material. However, whatever sweater you are going to wash, always read the manufacturer’s care recommendations on the product label first.

Sweaters can be ironed, but not all. So you should always read the information on the product label because some sweaters are only suitable for a certain temperature, while others must not be ironed at all. For example, merino wool sweaters can be ironed at an ironing temperature of up to 110 °C.