Dream all the way to the South Pole! Inspired by traveller Darius Vaičiulis, this winter we encourage you to give children hope and joy. That is why we will invite them to the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful nature of Lithuania. We promote an active lifestyle and leisure outdoors, thus an unforgettable expedition is a great opportunity to show children that dreams actually come true, especially if you are going forward them in small steps. Because, who knows? Maybe one short hike in Lithuanian forests will inspire to seek much bigger aspirations and impressive trips – even to Antarctica?  

Therefore, we unite with the organization “Save the Children“ and invite you to dream fearlessly. This union will allow children to participate in unexplored activities and to test themselves in unexpected experiences. Such experiences will reveal new abilities and talents, and the stories of the impressive expedition to the South Pole by Darius Vaičiulis will inspire everyone.   

We hope that this adventure will become a long-lasting relationship that will create a beautiful tradition, leading to a better future for the children, who deserve it all.   

We also contribute to the support collected by D. Vaičiulis with a new collection of merino wool – 3 euros will be donated to “Save the Children” while purchasing any merino wool product. This campaign will continue until D. Vaičiulis reaches the South Pole – the goal of his trip. 

The products have traveled with Darius Vaičiulis to the South Pole

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