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You are the inspiration

Fall is the time when you seek inspiration in everyday life, caught up in the routine, and use any excuse to start the day at dawn or to end it at dusk.

When we created the new Audimas fall/winter collection, we found inspiration in the landscapes and nature motives of the city at night. These two topics reflect your focus on yourself and restoration of your rhythm.

We invite you to discover an active night life together with our new fall/winter collection. It is like the dark and intense color range and the clothes of the collection create a unique, individual style, and these colors are enlivened by the pure shades of white and icy blue reminiscent of the moonlight and its reflections. The color palette and the clothes of the collection seem to tell us about the pace of the 24-hour life, about the trainings at different times of the day both on the streets of the city and somewhere in the park or in the gym.

Look for the nature in the city. Dried flower patterns and their color range vary from the earth colors of the unripe olive to bright fiery accents reminiscent of the morning colors that wake you up at dawn.

You will find the full fall/winter collection here


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