Wowen regural fit sweatpants 1 | Audimas Wowen regural fit sweatpants 2 | Audimas -57 % Wowen regural fit sweatpants 29,90 € 69,90 € The lowest price 29,90 €
Stretch fabric pants 1 | Audimas Stretch fabric pants 2 | Audimas Last sizes -60 % Stretch fabric pants 39,90 € 99,90 € The lowest price 39,90 €
Woven cargo trousers 1 | Audimas Woven cargo trousers 2 | Audimas Last sizes -60 % Woven cargo trousers 39,90 € 99,90 € The lowest price 39,90 €
Wowen regural fit sweatpants 1 | Audimas Wowen regural fit sweatpants 2 | Audimas -67 % Wowen regural fit sweatpants 29,90 € 89,90 € The lowest price 29,90 €

The description of each pair of pants we sell is accompanied by a SIZE CHART, which shows the exact measurements of the garment in centimetres. The buyer only needs to try them on and make sure that the selected size of pants fits him or her.

SENSITIVE® knitwear is unique in that it is very elastic and light warp polyamide knitwear (warp knitting is a type of knitting when the loops of a row are made of individual threads and a whole system of threads is needed to make one such row; such knitwear is dense and stable like fabric but, at the same time, very elastic). SENSITIVE® knitwear is perfectly breathable, absorbs moisture and evaporates it very quickly. Clothes made of SENSITIVE® knitwear look like they are made of fabric: they fall lightly, fit beautifully, and also do not restrict movement and retain their shape perfectly. SENSITIVE® knitwear protects against UV rays and cools in hot weather. Another distinction is that the production of this material does not harm the environment.

Modal is a high-quality fibre obtained from specially processed beech tree cellulose, often called artificial silk due to its special properties. Modal is an elastic, extremely soft and pleasant to the touch material. Modal allows the skin to breathe and perfectly absorbs moisture. This fabric is also exceptional in that it does not clog, stretch or shrink and is extremely durable.

Organic cotton differs from conventional cotton in that it is grown without the use of any chemicals that promote plant growth, defoliants and fertilisers. In addition, organic cotton growers are encouraged to use materials that have only a minor negative impact on the environment and to apply such production methods that promote soil fertility. During the cultivation of organic cotton, 80% of the water used is rainwater.

Cotton is exceptional in that it is soft and pleasant to the body. Cotton absorbs moisture quickly and is breathable. Cotton is a durable and long-lasting material. Cotton does not require special care.